Almost There

I’ve finally finished recreating the board and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It looks sleek and mature and it’s exactly how I’d imagined it. Now, all that’s left is to talk to my mentor, put all my pictures and things on my board I need to, and reflect on how far I’ve come since this process began.


Accomplishing this challenge to finish the board has definitely been one of the hardest projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s almost like you need a vision board just to help you make a vision board. So far, I do not regret trying a vision board, I think it really could help me in the long run, but more on that later.

I’ve narrowed down my goal to one specific mission trip. I attend Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines campus regularly, so I went on their website and found the perfect mission trip for me. Mission Wildwood Hills Ranch is affordable, somewhat local, and the camp helps at-risk youth which is something I’ve always had a passion for. My hope is that attending this camp will help me grow in my faith.



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