I have e-mailed my mentor asking for help with my blog and my board. Hopefully, she responds with more topics to write on my blog about my vision board. In the process of creating this board I’ve become quite fond of writing these blog posts every week, and I want to find more on this topic that I can share with the world.


My mentor’s name is Christine Slattery and she was a delight to speak with. I asked her to read my blog and write back with what she thought about it. I was hoping to receive topics that would help me to continue writing my blog. I need more topics because I’m required to have 10 blog posts to fill the criteria of my GHP.

Christine told me prior to reading my blog that she wanted to hear more about why I’m doing this. Not why I’m doing the project, I’m doing the project because it was assigned to me, it’s a large part of my grade, and without good grades I won’t be able to get into college. Where I’ll spend more time trying(and failing) to get good grades.

She wants me to talk more about why I want to go on a mission trip. It’s a good idea, there are so many options to choose from, so many directions I could take this. Christine brought up spiritual fulfillment, inspiration, or maybe I’m just looking for people to connect with. People who think like me, and want the same things out of life that I want.


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