My name is McKenna Russell, and I am a student at Urbandale High School in Urbandale, Iowa. At the beginning of the Fall 2016 semester in my creative writing class we were tasked with completing a Genius Hour Project (GHP) by the end of the semester. The idea for the Genius Hour Project was modeled after Google’s work structure in which employees spend 20% of their time working on projects of passion. From this time came 50% of Google’s products, including Gmail!

For my GHP I will be creating a vision board and blogging about my experience. With this project I hope to fill my vision board with things I would one day like to accomplish, quotes, pictures, and artwork. My goal with this vision board is to set goals for myself that I will hopefully one day accomplish.

I’m beginning this project with the hopes that I can accomplish any goals I set out to by placing my vision board in a place I will see it often to create the possibility for visualization exercises as I see my board throughout the day. My own lack of motivation as of late was where my passion for this project came from. As a high school student there are certain things I need to accomplish in order to begin building my future. So I decided on the vision board to hopefully, boost my motivation and help me get things done.

I anticipate the most difficult part about completing my GHP to be getting the money for all the supplies I will need. This however could end up being a good thing because it will force me to get more creative with what I’m using to build my vision board. I just recently got this idea when my teacher, Mrs. Donnelly, was giving my class some ideas for our Genius Hour Projects.  Now that I have all the information I need and have been given my assignment I can get started on finding my financing and creating my blog.

Throughout my journey in creating a vision board I will use the following list of questions to guide my learning, and will answer them as i develop in my knowlege of vision boards.

  • What is a vision board?
  • What is its purpose?
  • How do I make a vision board?
  • What will my vision board be about?
  • What do other people put on their vision boards?
  • Do vision boards really work?
  • How will a vision board benefit me?

My teacher has helped me by finding me a mentor to teach me more about vision boards, and how to make them. Mrs. Donnelly has a friend who has made vision boards before, so she has agreed to e-mail me with any advice she may have.