I think out of all the options Christine gave me and thinking about this myself for a while I would say I am looking for spiritual fulfillment.

I recently got out of my first serious relationship and right after that ended was when I decided going to church, going on mission trips, and just being close to god again was something I wanted. Now that I’ve lost something that had become such a huge part of my  life I’m looking to god for some purpose.

I feel good again now that I’m going to church I do feel full again. It just makes me realize that even when I get in some other relationship, no matter how important they are to me, this is something I never want to lose. I never want to lose this spiritual fulfillment I’m getting out of going to church because no matter how many heartbreaks I go through, god will always be there.




I have e-mailed my mentor asking for help with my blog and my board. Hopefully, she responds with more topics to write on my blog about my vision board. In the process of creating this board I’ve become quite fond of writing these blog posts every week, and I want to find more on this topic that I can share with the world.


My mentor’s name is Christine Slattery and she was a delight to speak with. I asked her to read my blog and write back with what she thought about it. I was hoping to receive topics that would help me to continue writing my blog. I need more topics because I’m required to have 10 blog posts to fill the criteria of my GHP.

Christine told me prior to reading my blog that she wanted to hear more about why I’m doing this. Not why I’m doing the project, I’m doing the project because it was assigned to me, it’s a large part of my grade, and without good grades I won’t be able to get into college. Where I’ll spend more time trying(and failing) to get good grades.

She wants me to talk more about why I want to go on a mission trip. It’s a good idea, there are so many options to choose from, so many directions I could take this. Christine brought up spiritual fulfillment, inspiration, or maybe I’m just looking for people to connect with. People who think like me, and want the same things out of life that I want.

What’s On My Vision Board?

I’ve found everything that I want to put on my vision board and I decided to just make a short blog post showcasing everything before it is officially on the board and I am done.


This is a picture of the church I attend sometimes. I chose to put this on my board because one of my goals is to go to church more and to just be more involved and engaged when I’m at church. This counts for my goal of attending the Wildwood Hills mission trip as well because Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines (pictured above) in the church hosting the trip.



Wildwood Hills Ranch is a beautiful summer camp for kids who’s families don’t have much money and may be struggling significantly to keep these children away from people who may influence them in a negative way.


I decided to lean a similar cross to this one up against my board as a reminder of my faith, and I put this bible verse on my board because it really does a good job of describing what I’m trying to do which is to live through God by doing his work for him.

Almost There

I’ve finally finished recreating the board and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It looks sleek and mature and it’s exactly how I’d imagined it. Now, all that’s left is to talk to my mentor, put all my pictures and things on my board I need to, and reflect on how far I’ve come since this process began.


Accomplishing this challenge to finish the board has definitely been one of the hardest projects I’ve ever worked on. It’s almost like you need a vision board just to help you make a vision board. So far, I do not regret trying a vision board, I think it really could help me in the long run, but more on that later.

I’ve narrowed down my goal to one specific mission trip. I attend Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines campus regularly, so I went on their website and found the perfect mission trip for me. Mission Wildwood Hills Ranch is affordable, somewhat local, and the camp helps at-risk youth which is something I’ve always had a passion for. My hope is that attending this camp will help me grow in my faith.


Fixer Upper

This has been a really confusing process so far. When it comes to figuring out what goals I want on my vision board, and replacing the fabric on my board is proving to be harder than I thought it would be. So, I’m a little behind schedule, but I hope to get back on track this weekend.

Eight years ago, my basement flooded with about five inches of water. The water destroyed much of the old, wooden antiques we had and we needed to tear up the carpet. One of the things down in the basement was this board that I’m trying to fix up.


The different parts of the board include the wood back, then there’s this material that’s kind of similar to foam except it’s a bit more stable. Then there’s the fabric that I was in the process of fixing up. As it turns out, that mysterious material between the wood and the fabric got a little torn up in the flood. So, in order to replace the fabric, I need to replace this strange material as well.

I know now that my board will be about going to church and going on mission trips and essentially just growing more in my faith. So far, I’ve collected a few things to put on my board, It’s just about getting the parts replaced.

Goal Setting

Where do you want to be in five years? When you’re trying to figure out what to put on a vision board, this can be the most important question to ask. The things on your vision board should be all about your innermost desires for your future, because the more i think about vision boards the more I realize that they really do work.

Simply because I’m thinking more about what I want out of my future I’ve already been more productive than I was before I started this project. I’m getting more homework done than ever and I haven’t had such a small amount of late work since middle school. I’ve learned that you don’t need to know where your future is going to have hopes and dreams for it.


Setting goals for yourself is a really important concept. That’s why, when it came to choosing what goes on my vision board, I chose to start by clearly defining my goals.

Since middle school, I’ve been taught that you should set smart goals. The word smart, in this case, is an acronym, and it means that your goal should be clearly defined, somewhat simple to achieve, and you need a limit on the time it should take to achieve your goal.

  • S- Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A- Achievable
  • R- Realistic
  • T- Timely

I  have two main goals that I want to put on my vision board. The first goal I have is to go on a mission trip with my church. To represent this on my board I plan to look up the missions they have planned for the next year and put pictures of the place I want to go up on my vision board.

My second goal is just to live a healthier lifestyle. I should be going to school everyday, eating healthy, and working out regularly. I’ve always had a hard time with making it to school everyday, so this one could be a bit of a challenge.

The goals you set should be unique to you. They are the most important part of your vision board, because it’s what you center the whole look and feel of your board around.

A Vision Board

A vision board is a tool used to refine, direct, and maintain focus on a certain life goals. Literally, a vision board is a board on which you exhibit images that represent what you want to be, do or have in your life.

The purpose of a vision board is to help you accomplish your goals and ultimately become a better you. You set goals in the beginning, and then represent those goals through the use of images, quotes, and small items. These tokens should better promote you to invest in yourself, and to accomplish any goal you set out to.

As I begin to think more about my vision board, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will need to use the materials I already have. Seeing as I do not have a job and I am too busy with other activities to have one at the moment. However, I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, so hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be too huge of a challenge.

For the base of my board I will be replacing the fabric from an old photo board I found. I’ve chosen to replace the fabric rather than leaving it as is, because I’m redoing my room and I want the board to match everything else in my room.


Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 9.54.16 AM.png

This is the before image and I will share the after picture once I finish replacing the fabric.

The details describing what I decide put on my board will be further discussed in my next blog post.


As I really dig into my research, trying to find out what vision boards are all about, I’m discovering that not many people have ever heard of a vision board. They aren’t a very common concept to most people which means that information about them isn’t so easy to find.

In my first blog post I will dive into the different website articles I’ve read over the past week. Specifically, the five websites that I have found to be most helpful.


How to Create an Empowering Vision Board

This first article was all about how a vision board works and how to make a vision board that will help me instead of hurting me. For example, I was excited to put a lot of fun and cute stuff on my board however, Mr. Canfield made a fair point that a cluttered vision board could attract chaos into your life.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 1.24.36 PM.png

The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One

This article taught me that your vision board should focus not only on what you want to do, but also how you want to feel. Anything that inspires you and motivates you can go on your vision board. By constantly seeing your board you are visualizing where you want to be, and visualization is an exercise of the mind that pushes you to do what it takes to get you where you want to be.


How to Make a Dream Board

If you’ve ever visited WikiHow.com you know that every post is basically just a how to on almost anything. Posts are written and edited by people all over the world. So as goes the rest of the site, this article was simply a step-by-step for creating a dream board. (For future reference a dream board is the same thing as a vision board.)


What is a Vision Board?

This website was definitely the most helpful, considering its a whole website dedicated to vision boards and blogging about them. One website alone was able to tell me pretty much everything I needed to get started on my blog and get me way more excited about starting my own vision board.


How to Make a Vision Board

Since this was the last website I visited there was a lot of repeated information and things I had already gotten out of other websites. However, I read this article on a different day than the others so it was a nice refresher course on everything I would need and all I had to include.